BlueStar Cargo

We are BlueStar Cargo Pvt. Ltd. established on 2010 in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main objective of BlueStar Cargo is to provide cargo and courier service to you, our clientele. Your consignments; private or commercial is of great value to you, it may be a personal gift for loved ones or meeting your customers and clients demands, we know the significance. Be it exporting organic Himalayan Arabica Coffee to Tokyo, Japan or sending your souvenirs back home to the UK that you bought in Nepal or instead bringing the shoes that your aunt just bought for you in Hong Kong to Nepal. We know they are of great value to you; hence we take great care in handling your consignments. We also take great care in anticipating and fulfilling each and every whim that you have on how you want your consignments to be handled. We have a very flexible system than most in our business in Nepal, a system that is tailor made according to your requirement.

The BlueStar Cargo team has 15 years of experience in the field of cargo and courier service and we are constantly upgrading our services to meet your needs and requirement. We believe in working in partnership with our clientele, we are here for you when you want to expand your business or even more so when you want solutions. The way businesses function after the turn of the millennium has changed a lot and in today’s technology driven world we believe that service is not service if not convenient for our clients. We believe in research that helps us work together with our clients, we can be there for you when you want to create a new business strategy or analyze business strategies. We can help you to make your supply chain efficient, we can help you with your trade or we can simply help you with your parcels to and from loved ones and your documents. All in all we are truly dedicated to you, we love to hear from our clientele be it positive or negative feedbacks; and improve or work on them, for you make us who we are. It is our pleasure to serve you and this we do it with pride for we are BLUESTAR CARGO and we are “Proud to Deliver”