Why Choose us

 “Why choose us”

BlueStar Cargo believes in innovative solutions for your business or personal needs. We believe that working together with our clientele will create a better partnership between us. The global business scenario has changed since the turn of the millennium and we believe such changes are inevitable. We believe that our partnership will help you to stay ahead in your industry. Our services are tailor made for each and every one of our clients, which is unique, adapts to the requirements and helps you and your business become adept to the requirements of your clientele.

Globally speaking the contemporary cargo and courier business industry has developed more from the traditional line of simply delivering consignments. The industry provides more than just services related to delivery and has expanded to catering services that are concerned with the whole supply chain and procurement. We at BlueStar know of these changes and have expanded our business to providing services related to supply chain and procurement, be it supply chain analysis for the whole business or parts of it. We believe that in present context you have to be proactive and in BlueStar Cargo you will find a partner who will help you to achieve your goals.

We have partnership with Gurkha Store in Hong Kong, which will help you to expand your reach in business and trade. Hong Kong is a very strategic location if you want to expand your business internationally and can be very important for you and likewise for us. Talking of partnership we are strategically aligned with IWIC Nepal Trading Pvt. Ltd. who can help you with your import and export business. We are also partners with YangShila Investment Pvt. Ltd. who can help you with your business’s supply chain’s financial analysis, multinational finance issues when doing trade or even with tailored financial analysis to fulfill your needs and requirements.

So working with BlueStar means you get a bundle of services that will help you stay ahead of your competitors and all for the cost of one, choosing BlueStar Cargo. Our partnership with various Domestic couriers and other major Cargo and Courier Services both domestic and international will also provide you with diversification that your business will need.

To sum it all choose us for

  1. Innovative solutions that are tailor made for your requirements
  2. Contemporary services related with the whole of supply chain and procurement
  3. Key strategic partners to help you expand your business
  4. A partner who knows what you need and will help you in any circumstances, and
  5. All for the cost of one, that is choosing Blue Star Cargo