Shipping Information

Shipping Information (Basic)

You should provide us with complete customer detail form that you have filled along with all the required documents as mentioned in the documentation required section of this website. Then we will provide you with an Invoice and House Air Way Bill number (after the payments are made), which you can use to track your consignments.  

  • When providing us with the filled customer detail form it is advised that a copy of your passport or citizenship (applicable to Nepalese only) must be attached as well.
  • BlueStar Cargo will only accept consignments from your physical address i.e. factory, wharehouse, store/stall and will not accept consignments from addresses that are not yours or in transit.
  • If the consignments are not of personal effect the consignments are to be recognized as commercial. Such consignments should be accompanied with the invoice of each and every detailed product in them, BlueStar Cargo is not liable for any fraudulent acts committed by customers.
  • You must inform us on the consignment type and the required packaging preferences before hand, so that we may prepare to fulfill you requirements.
  • Services that are trade related, supply chain or multinational finance related should be presented to BlueStar Cargo in prior and the respected personal from our partner firms will contact you through email, a phone call or in person.

Banned and Restricted Items

The Nepal government has banned the following products for export from the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

  • Articles of Archaeological and Religious Importance, i.e. National and foreign coins of archaeological value, Statues of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Articles of Industrial importance, i.e. materials used in the production of arms and ammunition.
  • Conserved Wildlife, restricted animals for slaughter and articles related to them, i.e. Tigers, snakes, cow, snake skin, any parts of wildlife or restricted animals for slaughter.
  • Drugs as restricted by Narcotics Control Bureau, Nepal Police i.e. Marijuana, Hashish and  
  • Industrial raw materials, i.e. raw hides, skin and wool.
  • Metals and Jewelry, any valuable metals and jewelry except permitted under baggage regulations and products manufactured by Nepalese industry, unless the regulations change. Except for diamonds which are restricted to export.

The Ministry of Commerce may change their policies as per the demand of the time, it is advised to consult a member of our staff before taking any further actions as the above mentioned may not be applicable or the list may have increased at the time of your trade preference.

Special Written Permission Required Items

  • Department of Archaeology- Any goods or consignment that may resemble items of archaeological value i.e. statues of gods and goddesses, thanka paintings.
  • Department of Forest- Any products that may include whole or parts of plants which maybe of high religious or aesthetic value and comes from the forest, i.e. incense powder, sandal wood.
  • Department of National Park and Wildlife- Any products that uses parts of domesticated animals which can be slaughtered, i.e. skulls, horns, hooves.
  • Department of Veterinary Science- Any products that is or may contain meat, skin or flesh of domesticated or wild animals.
  • Mine Department- Any products that is whole or in part may contain minerals i.e. rocks and stones.
  • Plant Resource Department- Any product that claims to be of extracts of plants, i.e. ayurvedic/ herbal products.
  • Quarantine Department- If Plants and flowers are products that are being exported.