Sea Cargo

We provide sea cargo facility through Kolkata port of Kolkata, India. The consignments are first cleared from one of the various customs offices present alongside the Nepalese/ Indian border than transported on the containers they were loaded at the point of origin through trucks or train to Kolkata, India.

Point of Delivery

Nearest sea port from the destination town or city

Transit time

45-60 days depends on the destination

Shipping liners/ carriers



Consignments are to be insured by the consignor, in some cases consignee. BlueStar Cargo maybe able to assist but is not liable to purchase it on behalf of consignor/ consignee.


Full Container Load (FCL) 20’, 40’ or 40’ High Cube container should be fille , Loose container (LCL) minimum of 2 Cubic meter is required.


*For further enquires please do email us or telephone us. It will be nice to have consultation on how the services are to be carried by us so that you receive the best service.