Air Cargo

We Provide Air Cargo services to our customers, the airport used as of now for air cargo facilitation is Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu Valley and we can provide services through all the airlines that fly to and from TIA.

Point of Delivery

Nearest airport from the destination village, town or city.

Transit Time

Usually 4-10 days (Depends on flight schedule)


All the airlines that fly to and from TIA, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Auto insurance is available by the airlines for US$ 20/Kg or value of invoice whichever is less


There is no limit on weight and volume per consignment, however there is limit as to how much the airplane can carry.


*For further enquires please do email us or telephone us. It will be nice to have consultation on how the services are to be carried by us so that you receive the best service.