Air Sea Cargo

We provide the service of Air Sea Cargo to our customers, were the consignments preliminary use air cargo and then sea cargo facility to reach the destination. The consignments leave Nepal from Tribhuwan International Airport to the sea port of customers choice and then sea cargo service is used to reach the point of delivery.

Point of Delivery

Nearest sea port from the destination town or city

Transit time

45-60 days depends on the destination

Airlines & Shipping liners

Airlines that fly to and from TIA, Kathmandu, Nepal to the nearest airport of preferred choice of destined sea port. Shipping liners of choice are used from the chosen sea port to the nearest sea port of the destination.  


Consignments are to be insured by the consignor, in some cases consignee. BlueStar Cargo maybe able to assist but is not liable to purchase it on behalf of consignor/ consignee.

Weight/ Volume

Minimum of 2 Cubic Meter or 500 KGS with no upper limit but does depend on the capacity of the airlines used.


*For further enquires please do email us or telephone us. It will be nice to have consultation on how the services are to be carried by us so that you receive the best service.